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Ljubisa Kukulj
Ljubisa KukuljArt Director
Ljubisa is a person who like to travel, dance & cook because he doesn’t like to sit all the time in front of the computer to do what he do the best.
Graphic & Web Design 93%
Marketing & SEO 86%
Anamarija Kukulj
Anamarija KukuljIllustrator
She is a person who stands behind many graphic design works but when she is not making sketches she is awesome mother who like sweets & movies.
Drawing & Sketching 100%
Social Marketing 83%
Boris Cosic
Boris CosicMarketing Specialist
Boris is a German quality marketing specialist who like to work really hard but relax and enjoy in life harder. Oh and we almost forgot, he is a huge Apple devices fan.
Marketing 100%
Sales 95%
Kresimir Cabraja
Kresimir CabrajaSales Agent
Kresimir is a street artist with awesome sales & negotiating skills. Always full of positive energy and ready to develop your business !
Sales 90%
Drawing 100%

What our clients say about us ?

Anyone who is building their digital identity has come to the right place where they will receive professional service in the short term.

Alojzije Iveta, Barhazard

More than satisfied with the work. Speed, professionalism and a lot of innovative ideas … Go ahead and warm recommendations to all !

The recommendation to anyone who wants a fast, professional and innovative solutions. We will definitely continue cooperation.

I want to thank the Realni Element for excellent proposal. Logo describes me perfectly. There was no need to send any information about what i want and still how fast everything was assembled and finished. Once again, a big THANK YOU! – Bijan

Adrian Korbler Bijan, DJ Bijan

Thank you for the fast delivery of website! You are still the best !

Yiwen Lu, Hackathon

Professionalism, nothing more to say. We will definitely continue to cooperate.

Nikola Petković, Rumeria No.1

Our steps towards successfully realized project !


Arranging the meeting is the first thing we do with our new client because we want to get know them better. If we make good connection with our client on the first meeting we are sure that project will end in awesome way.


A good plan is half job done. That’s the thing we always say to our clients. Planning, organizing and division of tasks to our team is the most important step for developing your future project because we plan everything together.


Testing, testing and a lot of testing. We want everything to be perfect before you lunch your project in public. Once again we will say…if we plan everything well the project will be finished even better.


This is the step that everybody hates. Improving the things we have already done. Changing, fixing, switching. But hey…we are here for you and we will make your project the way you want it no mather what !


Happiest moment of our cooperation. Moment where your awesome project will see daylight and present itself to the world. Also…this is the moment where you will receive a special gift from our company 🙂

We’re here to help your business blast off !

Through creative ideas, innovation & full determination

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